Class Information

I am so excited about our upcoming year! We are going to have so much fun! Here are some things that you need to know about how our classroom works:

Attendance: Class starts at 7:45am. The tardy bell rings at 8:05. Please be sure that your child is on time. If your child is absent, please send an excuse so I can turn it into the office on the day that your child returns to school. Make up work can be given for excused absences only. If your child will be out of school for an extended period of time, please call the office at 379-2950 to pick up work to avoid getting too far behind.

Lunch:  Our lunch time will be 10:30. If your child purchases lunch by check, please put (Grade 1-Warren) and your child’s lunch number on the top of the check. If you send cash, please put the money in an envelope marked with your child’s name, lunch number and the amount enclosed. Make sure that your child has enough money for each day. Children are not allowed to charge their lunch. We welcome you to join us for lunch also. If you plan to eat with us, please meet us outside the lunchroom doors. Also, your child is assigned a lunch number. Please help your child memorize this as soon as possible, to help with speedy check out. Ice cream will be offered on Fridays only.

Snack: Your child may bring one small healthy snack each day. No candy or sweets please.  Do not send a snack that requires a spoon. Please send a water bottle with your child each day. 

Backpack: Your child will need a backpack each day.

Agendas: Our school uses agendas to communicate with parents. Your child will copy notes, homework, and reminders in their agendas. You may also use the agenda to write notes to me. Agendas will be sent home on a daily basis. Please make sure that you sign the agenda every night and send it back to school with your child every day.

Transportation: If your child’s mode of transportation changes at any time during the school year, I MUST be informed with a handwritten note in the agenda or a note on paper. If there is not a note, I will have to let your child go home based on the most updated form that I have.

Classroom donations: I understand that money is tight, but please consider making a donation to our classroom. The money is used to buy extra materials for our crafts and other projects throughout the year.

Grades: We use standards based grades in first grade.  Test papers will be sent home weekly.  Please sign and return all test papers on the day after they are sent home.

Classroom Management: Our classroom rules will be taught and reviewed often. Our classroom rules are listed in our classroom.

  • We use a clip chart for behavior management. Everyone starts out the day with their clip on green ("ready to learn"). Each child will be asked move their clip up if they are caught doing the right thing, and down if they break a rule. 
  • As long as your child is on green ("ready to learn"), blue ("keep it up"), or gold ("star student"), then he/she will receive a smiley face in his/her agenda. If your child ends the day with his/her clip on yellow ("warning"), he/she will get a straight face as a warning. If your child ends on red ("teacher's choice"), then I will either contact a parent, or decide an appropriate alternative consequence. Students will also be written up on a Classroom Management Form if they are caught behaving inappropriately. Once your child receives 4 write-ups, I will send the Classroom Management Form to the Principal, and they will call you about further discipline.
  • If your child gets a smiley face in his/her agenda every day of the week, then he/she will get to choose a treasure box prize on Friday! :)

Box Tops for Education: Please save all box tops for education and turn them into me. The counselors

use these to purchase extra materials for our school. These tops are collected throughout the school year.

Conferences: Please call the school to schedule a conference. (379-2950).