New Traffic Flow

New Traffic Flow
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Our new parking lot will be opening in the fall of 2016 and with this will come some changes that will affect traffic and parking at Chalkville.  The current parking lot and bus lane will be completely closed for several months for the construction of our new lunchroom.  Important things to note during this time of construction:

  • Our car line will continue to operate in the same manner although traffic will be heavier as it will not be possible for parents to park in the lower lot and walk up to the school to drop off or pick up their children. Parents will be allowed to park in the new lot and walk their children to the main entrance to the school in the morning.  Parents will be allowed to park in the new lot and walk to the back porch of the school to pick up their children at dismissal.  Parking will be limited so if problems develop we may be forced to require ALL parents to use the car line in the morning and afternoon.  Students will NOT be allowed to walk to or from the parking lot unattended. 
  • A temporary bus lane will be marked off in the new parking lot.  This lane will be dedicated to buses only.  No other vehicles will be able to use this lane.
  • All day care vans and exceptional education buses will use the car line.  Day care van drivers and exceptional education bus drivers can expect delays, particularly those who are LATE or SECOND LOAD PICKUPS in the afternoon.  Day care vans that arrive before 2:40PM will be able to bypass the car line and park in the lane that is currently used by the day cares that serve our school.  This lane will be for day care vans only and these vans must be clearly identified with the name of the day care on the side of the van.  All other vehicles must use the regular car line.  Day care vans that arrive after 2:40PM must line up behind the cars that are already in line for after school pickup.


Please expect traffic delays during this time of construction. After our new lunchroom is completed we will be able to use a new permanent bus lane that will be adjacent to the new lunchroom.  Thank you for your patience as we make these changes.  Please feel free to call the school if you have any questions.





Rod Johnson