Registration is every weekday from 8am until 10am during the regular school year.

All Students:
• Mortgage, Lease or Deed with current address (We accept tax notice, Mortgage Payment Book, monthly statement or deed)
• 2 Current Utilities with current address (Water, Gas or Power) (Cannot say disconnect notice without receipt)
• Parent or Guardian’s Driver’s License with current address
• Updated Alabama Blue Immunization Form if expired or if you are new to our school
• Custody Papers if applicable

New Students:
• The Above Items
• Birth Certificate
• Social Security Card
• Alabama Blue Immunization Form
• Custody Papers if applicable 2nd Party Residency (This means that the guardian lives with someone else and does not own the home) 1. Mortgage, Lease or Deed and two utilities of the owner of the house 2. Two significant items with the address where you are living, we will only accept the following:
• An Alabama Driver’s License at current address
• A bank statement with three month’s activity at current address • A check stub at current address
• Anything from the government at current address If you are registering from another school, we will need a copy of your child’s last report card.

**Please note: If your child is coming from a home school or private school setting, we reserved the right to place the child in the grade level that we feel is appropriate after a thorough evaluation of their academic skills.

Registration is daily from 8am until 10am only! 

If you have any questions please call the school at 205-379-2995.

**Reminder** All students, RETURNING AND NEW, must register every year!
**Reminder** CES only accepts cash or money orders.